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8 Days

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April 2020 / March 2021

Cities to visit: Antalya; Aspendos; Side; Karaman; Nigde; Cappadocia; Hacibecktas; Ankara; Safranbolu; Gokgol Magarasi; Eregli (Konya); Aydinpinar; Istanbul

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Dear Traveler: thank you for choosing us to perform this Tour! We hope you enjoy your trip.

Here we give you a guidance on their tour with the information that we believe may be of your interest. The information is indicative, may exist variations on designated hours.

TRANSFER from the airport, if you have it included or purchasing. Our transfer will be waiting for you with a poster on behalf of Europamundo or its name to the output of the custom (after collecting your luggage)..

Remember to inform us by phone if you lost your connection flight or expected delay of their arrival, in your VOUCHER figure the phone of the transfer.

IMPORTANT: If you had additional nights upon arrival the hotel will have your reservation, but his travel guide normally will not be until the night before the start of the tour.


On arrival, transfer from the airport to the hotel. Free time. 

You will receive information about the start of the circuit during the afternoon, or you can check the informative panels in the hotel reception area.

Total distance covered: 530 km.
Scenery: Spectacular contrasts; landscapes on the sea. High mountains often covered with snow; arid lands of Anatolia.

08.00hrs.- Antalya- Departure.
09.00hrs.-  ASPENDOS.  We will visit the Roman theatre, for many, it is the best preserved in the world. 

09.45hrs.- Aspendos- Departure.
10.30hrs.-  SIDE,  arrival. We will be able to admire the Greek temple of Apollo by the sea. There’s time to walk through its port and streets that are full of life. 

12.30hrs.- Side. Departure. Travelling through breathtaking landscapes, we cross the Taurus mountains – their peaks stand at over 3500 meters high, and are covered in snow for most of the year. We stop for lunch en route, in a beautiful service area by the mountains.

17.00hrs.- KARAMAN  arrival to this city with oriental atmosphere. . We will visit  TARTAN EVI,  an old Ottoman mansion. 

18.00hres.- Karaman. Departure. We continue on to the Cappadocia region, great arid plains on the route in southern Anatolia.
20.15 hrs.- NIGDE. Arrival. We suggest you take a walk around its bazaar, its old mosque and its fortress.  Dinner  included.

Total distance covered:  120 km.  
Scenery:  We continue amid the beautiful landscapes of Cappadocia. Spectacular scenary. Picturesque towns.
Notes: Today it is again necessary to wear comfortable shoes as we continue to explore Cappadocia. 

09.00hrs.- Nigde. Departure. We enjoy a full day in the fantastic region of  CAPPADOCIA , with its lunar landscapes, its churches and troglodyte villages. 

We start by visiting  GUMUSLER,  an incredible underground monastery of the 7th century with perhaps the best Byzantine frescoes in Turkey. In  KAIMACLI  we will visit the underground city that could house 30,000 people.  Then, we will visit  UCHISAR , a natural fortress where we will know its 60 meter rock filled with houses in excavated caves. Time for lunch.

We will discover after lunch the  GOREME  Valley with its open-air museum and its churches carved out of the rocks,  entry tickets  included. 

Hotel in  Avanos . pleasant town in the center of the  region of Capadocia known for its pottery, its attractive old town with cobbled streets and its views over the river. Time to enjoy the hotel facilities or walk through the streets.  Dinner is included. 

At night, after dinner, we suggest attending the "Turkish night" show (optional).

Total distance covered: 540 km.
Scenery:   We begin with arid and flat landscapes of the interior of Turkey, as we approach the Black Sea mountains and forests are emerging.
Notes:  Hacibecktas is a sacred place for Muslims; We will visit the mausoleum, but maximum respect to the local population in the sacred places. P lease wear appropriate clothing.

08.00 hrs.- Avanos. Departure.  We have a fantastic day in the heart of Anatolia. 

09.00hrs.- HACIBECKTAS , arrival to the sanctuary guards the tomb of Hacibecktas, a Sufi mystic of the 13th Century. We visit with the utmost respect to the pilgrims ( suitable clothes, silence recommended in the sanctuaries ).

10.00 hrs.- Hacibecktas. Departure.
13.15 hrs-  ANKARA.  W e leave a free time to walk around and have lunch in the thriving center of the city. 

15.00hrs.- Ankara. Departure. We continue towards the north of Turkey. The landscapes become greener. 
18.00 hrs.- SAFRANBOLU;  arrival in this wonderful little city which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was an important stopping point on the caravan routes. We will  include a bath in a Hammam,  for you to have this Turkish experience!  Dinner  included.

Total distance covered: 470 km.
Scenery:   Forests, valleys, mountains, landscapes on the Black Sea; A rainy and green region different from what you probably have in your mind when you think of Turkey.

08.00 hrs.- Safranbolu. Departure. Today, the leg of our trip follows the Black Sea and its verdant landscapes. 

10.00 hrs.- In  GOKGOL MAGARASI  we provide entry tickets to this magnificent cave with its underground river and its multiple colours. 

11.00hrs.- Gokgol. Departure. Our road goes towards the sea.
12.00 hrs.- EREGLI,  Arrival. Next to the Black Sea, we set aside time to have lunch. We also include a visit to its impressive  Cehennemagzi Magarasi caves and tombs  that are overflowing with mythology. 

15.00 hrs.- Eregli. Departure.
16.00hrs.- EYDINPINAR. On our way back to Istanbul, we stop to relax at EYDINPINAR, with a walk between its green paths to the waterfalls! 

17.30 hrs.- Eydinpinar departure. We travel on the highway towards Istanbul. Passing the suspension bridge that separates Asia from Europe.
20.30 hrs.- Arrival in  ISTANBUL  at the end of the day. 

Por la mañana a las nueve de la mañana iniciamos visita panorámica de esta ciudad impresionante “puente” entre Europa y Asia tanto a nivel geográfico como humano. En nuestro tour incluiremos subida en teleférico al mirador de Pierre Loti y entraremos en la Mezquita de Suleyman el Magnífico (la mayor de Estambul), conoceremos las murallas, el cuerno de oro, el barrio de pescadores y admiraremos el exterior de Santa Sofía. Tras la visita incluiremos la entrada y visita al Palacio de Topkapi, el que fue centro administrativo del imperio Otomano con sus magníficos patios y sus pabellones. La visita se realiza con guía local, duración de aproximadamente dos horas (no incluye entradas a monumentos si no se indica).Tarde libre. Nos encontramos en una ciudad construida sobre dos continentes. 

19.30hrs.- Al final de la tarde brindaremos un traslado al barrio de Taksim , la zona más comercial y con más vida local de la ciudad. Tiempo para cenar en alguno de sus numerosos restaurantes, podrá también tomar el antiguo tranvía que atraviesa la zona o acercarse a la próxima Torre Galata. Regreso al hotel sobre las 22 hrs. 

Importante: Por razones operativas, los servicios durante la estancia en Estambul pueden variar de orden ofreciéndose el primer día el paseo en barco por el Bósforo y el segundo día la visita panorámica.

Hoy incluimos un paseo en barco por el Bósforo de unas dos horas.  Lo efectuaremos en un barco privado para los viajeros de Europamundo (en grupos con muy pocos participantes podrá ser en excursión regular). El Bósforo es un estrecho que conecta el Mar Negro con el Mar de Mármara separando Estambul en dos partes: la europea y la asiática.  Disfrutaremos viendo la animación del estrecho con todos sus barcos, pasaremos bajo los dos puentes que unen Europa y Asia y admiraremos  los palacios de los sultanes, las típicas casas de madera, las villas otomanas.   

Resto del día libre.  Podrá  ir de compras  por el Gran Bazar; visitar Santa Sofía; … múltiples opciones en esta gran capital.

After breakfast, end of our services.

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