Costa Turquesa y Capadocia


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April 2021 / March 2022

Cities to visit: Antalya; Aspendos; Side; Karaman; Nigde; Cappadocia; Ihlara; Konya; Egridir; Pamukkale; Efeso; Kusadasi; Bodrum; Marmaris; Dalyan, Aegean Region

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Dear Traveler: thank you for choosing us to perform this Tour! We hope you enjoy your trip.

Here we give you a guidance on their tour with the information that we believe may be of your interest. The information is indicative, may exist variations on designated hours.

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-Recuerde que el check-in de los hoteles suele ser a las 14.00 hrs.  En caso de precisar más horas de disposición de la habitación valore contratar una noche adicional al inicio de su circuito.     
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SU TIEMPO POR TANTO ANTES DE ESTE MOMENTO ES LIBRE. En su hotel le podrán ayudar para toda la información que precise. 

Nota:   Los horarios que va a encontrar en este itinerario son orientativos. El guía, dependiendo de la situación y con el fin de mejorar el desarrollo del circuito, podrá ajustar los horarios.
Total distance covered: 530 km.
Scenery: Spectacular contrasts; landscapes on the sea. High mountains often covered with snow; arid lands of Anatolia.

08.00hrs.- Antalya- Departure.
09.00hrs.-  ASPENDOS.  We will visit the Roman theatre, for many, it is the best preserved in the world. 

09.45hrs.- Aspendos- Departure.
10.30hrs.-  SIDE,  arrival. We will be able to admire the Greek temple of Apollo by the sea. There’s time to walk through its port and streets that are full of life. 

12.30hrs.- Side. Departure. Travelling through breathtaking landscapes, we cross the Taurus mountains – their peaks stand at over 3500 meters high, and are covered in snow for most of the year. We stop for lunch en route, in a beautiful service area by the mountains.

17.00hrs.- KARAMAN  arrival to this city with oriental atmosphere. . We will visit  TARTAN EVI,  an old Ottoman mansion. 

18.00hres.- Karaman. Departure. We continue on to the Cappadocia region, great arid plains on the route in southern Anatolia.
20.15 hrs.- NIGDE. Arrival. We suggest you take a walk around its bazaar, its old mosque and its fortress.  Dinner  included.
Total distance covered:  120 km.  
Scenery:  We continue amid the beautiful landscapes of Cappadocia. Spectacular scenary. Picturesque towns.
Notes: Today it is again necessary to wear comfortable shoes as we continue to explore Cappadocia. 

09.00hrs.- Nigde. Departure. We enjoy a full day in the fantastic region of  CAPPADOCIA , with its lunar landscapes, its churches and troglodyte villages. 

We start by visiting  GUMUSLER,  an incredible underground monastery of the 7th century with perhaps the best Byzantine frescoes in Turkey. In  KAIMACLI  we will visit the underground city that could house 30,000 people.  Then, we will visit  UCHISAR , a natural fortress where we will know its 60 meter rock filled with houses in excavated caves. Time for lunch.

We will discover after lunch the  GOREME  Valley with its open-air museum and its churches carved out of the rocks,  entry tickets  included. 

Hotel in  Avanos . pleasant town in the center of the  region of Capadocia known for its pottery, its attractive old town with cobbled streets and its views over the river. Time to enjoy the hotel facilities or walk through the streets.  Dinner is included. 

At night, after dinner, we suggest attending the "Turkish night" show (optional).
Total distance covered: 290 km.
Scenery: We continue amid the beautiful landscapes of Cappadocia. 
Notes: Today it is again necessary to wear comfortable shoes as we continue to explore Cappadocia. In Konya, we visit places considered "holy" for the Dervish sect: please wear appropriate clothing. 
07:30 hrs  - Nevsehir –Departure-. In the morning we will visit the  PASABAG Valley or Monks Valley derived from some cones carved in tuff stones which stand appart. 

09.00 hrs.- Driving along minor roads we enter areas that are less frequented by tourists. Small characterful towns mark the Ihlara Valley.  
09:45 hrs - Ihlara Canyon  –Arrival-. Refreshed by the cooler air by the river, we explore churches that are carved into the rock of the canyon. 
11:45 hrs -  Ihlara Canyon –Departure-.  
13:00 hrs. - Sultanhan  –Arrival-. Here one of the most beautiful caravanserai is preserved. This magnificent building reminds us of the great caravans of camels that, in the past, marked these lands. Time to explore and have lunch. 
14.45 hrs -  Sultanhan –Departure-. Landscapes with large herds and arid plains. 
16.00 hrs - Konya  –Arrival-. In the center of Konya, we explore the MEVLANA MAUSOLEUM, a holy place for Dervishes, the Muslim sect known for their whirling "trance" dancing. Admission to the exhibition is included. Later, we suggest a stroll through the bustling bazaar. Dinner included.

At night, we suggest that you attend the dance performance of the whirling dervishes in the cultural centre.
Total distance covered: 430 km.
Scenery: Varied: mountain areas and lakes. Fantastic "cotton mountain" at the end of the day. Notes: We recommend that you also bring shoes that are easy to remove and carry in Pamukkale... and if you wish, bring your bathing costume to this place! 

08.00 hrs. - Konya –Departure-. We continue our journey through Turkey´s interior. 
11:15 hrs. -Egridir.  Located on the shores of a lake with the same name, this is a picturesque town with its walls and mosques where we can walk and have lunch.  
13:30 hrs. - Egridir –Departure-.  
16:15 hrs. - Pamukkale  –Arrival-. Admission included. At the "cotton mountain", our coach will drop passengers at the top of the mountain so that - having admired the ruins that date to the Roman era - you can descend on foot between the hot springs and the "baths". The colours at sunset are fantastic. Our coach will collect you at the area below. Finally you will have time in the hotel at which point you can enjoy its thermal pools. Dinner included.      
Total distance covered:  370 km.
Scenery: Various: proximity of the sea in region at the end of the stage. 
Note: Again, for the Ephesus visit, it is advisable to wear comfortable shoes.   

08.00 hrs.  - Pamukkale –Departure-.  
11:30 hrs. - Ephesus – Arrival-. We now visit a fantastic complex of Roman ruins. 2,000 years ago, this city had a quarter of a million inhabitants. We will discover with our guide the house of the  Virgin Mary,  the  Basilica of Saint John  and the impressive  ruins at Ephesus (tickets included) . Time for lunch.

17.00 hrs- Ephesus departure. We continue on towards the Turquoise Coast, which has magnificent landscapes. 

20.15 hrs- Bodrum , the former Halicarnassus is nowadays one of the most prestigious tourist spa towns in Turkey.  Di nner included.
Total distance covered:  165 km.
Scenery:  Various beautiful sights over the Aegean.
Free morning in  Bodrum , a beautiful fortified city of Greek origin. You can visit its castle, walk through its streets which are full of life and tourist activity or its leisure marina. Time for lunch.

14.30 hrs- Bodrum, departure.
17.15 hrs.- MARMARIS,  arrival to another beautiful coastal tourist enclave, with its castle, its marina and its fountains.  Dinner a nd accommodation.

NOTE:  On some high difficulty dates (especially in summer ), some groups can be accommodated in a nearby town.
Resumen de etapa:  Mármaris- Dalyan- Antalya 
Distancia realizada:   335 km 
Paisajes:   Tramos costeros y tramos entre elevadas montañas. Contrastes. 
NOTA:  Lleve a mano su ropa de baño si quiere disfrutar de las aguas termales o el baño de barro. Recomendamos también llevar cambio de ropa y toalla a mano.   

08.00 hrs.- Marmaris –salida-.  
09.30 hrs.- DALYAN  –Llegada-. Un lugar increíble junto a hermoso río navegable.  Incluimos paseo en barco  de unas dos horas y media para divisar las  TUMBAS REALES LICIAS , también en barco seguiremos a un gran lago en donde pararemos en las fuentes de aguas termales, si lo desea podrá usted bañarse en su cálidas aguas o tomar un baño de barro! (instalaciones muy básicas mas dirigido a población local). Tiempo para comer en alguno de los numerosos restaurantes de Dalyan junto al río.   

13.30 hrs.- Dalyan –salida-. Seguimos nuestra ruta. Paisajes de montaña.  
17.15 hrs.- ANTALYA  –Llegada-. Haremos una breve visita de esta gran ciudad costera de mas de un millón de habitantes, la puerta de Adriano, el barrio otomano y su gran cascada que cae directa al mar. 
End of our services.

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